Sydney (Australia)


After a successful research trip to Sydney in May 2013, I came back (with thousands of photos I took througout the trip) and immediately sat down to draw several panoramas of Sydney - looking at this wonderful city from different vantage points. The full panoramic artwork of the city is, as always, incredibly detailed and compliments well the 3 other close-up designs featuring The Sydney Opera House, A View from Sydney Zoo and a very quirky Bondi Beach panorama. You can see all 4 finished designs of Sydney below as well as various key drawing stages.

The Finished Artwork
sydney-full-panoramic 750pxsydney-opera-house 750pxsydney-zoo 750pxsydney-bondi-beach 750px

The Hand Drawing Stages & Process

Availabe on Canvas, Art Prints & More


The artwork is now available on Canvas & art prints through my gallery-shop outlet - Arty Globe by Hartwig Braun.


Sydeny Canvas